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Get a hobby!

A few years ago not long after our youngest child was born I was complaining that I was bored. Four kids and bored, I know! Anyway someone told me that I needed to get a hobby.  So this got me thinking……what did I want to do?  What sort of hobby?  I had always been under the impression that I wasn’t really interested in anything much.  But then I discovered that I hadn’t actually spent a lot of time thinking about the things that interested me so how could I know.

I love the movie ‘The Bucket List’ with Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman, I’d like to think that I would do all the things that I’d ever wanted to do if I was to find I didn’t have long to live.  But then I live by the theory that you only have one life so you may aswell live it.  Life is an adventure if you want it to be.  Anyway, out here in the suburbs with four children doesn’t allow for a lot of adventures but it got me thinking about some things that I might like to have a go at.

I started out with little things like joining a tennis club, I was not so good at tennis when I started and honestly I am probably still not so good at it now but I am better. I took up running, again not so good but now I am better at that too.  That is what brings me to todays little adventure, swimming.  I took swimming lessons when I was about 7 years old, I even placed second in the 8 year old girls freestyle.  But puberty and fat thighs in swimming togs when I became older put paid to the hope of having a swimming career so I haven’t done a lot of swimming in the last 27 years.  Until today!  I have challenged myself to compete in a triathlon, not a whole one just a mini one.  So naturally to do this I am going to have to swim.  Easy!  Or so I thought :) 27 years is a long time between swims, and as I found out today too long really.  So looks like I am going to have to learn how to swim – again.  The big arms and kicking (as my 2 year old would say) is the easy part but I have forgotten how to breathe, so much so that when I got out of the pool everything kind of went a bit wobbly and I forgot how to walk in a straight line.  So I have yet another challenge to complete, swimming!

Here are some photos from yet another of my hobby’s – photography.  Photography has become more of a passion than a hobby.  I orginally took up photography at school when I was 17 but due to the fact that I couldn’t stick at anything for very long back then I gave it up until now.  This is another thing that I wasn’t terribly good at when I started but as with anything a bit of practice and I am getting better at it.  These photos were taken at Coolum on the Sunshine Coast of Australia.  A beautiful part of the world to visit and to photograph.

Some people have asked me am I on Flickr?  I am but have only just joined so in time you will be able to view all of my photos on Flickr!


© Andrea Kruck 2012

Surf’s up!

I was lucky enough to have a couple of weeks recently that were devoted almost entirely to my photography. I don’t really get a lot of time during the school term to do much.  When I first started photography I was always concerned about whether I was doing it right and whether other people liked my photos.  Sometimes I know that some of the photos aren’t always technically perfect but I have enough confidence now to feel like a photo is good simply because I like it.  I hope you like these ones!

©Andrea Kruck 2012

On top of a hill

These photos were taken in Byron Bay, on the NSW north coast of Australia. Byron Bay is the most Eastern Point of Australia.  The day that we went up there was miserable, drizzling and blowing a gale. For those that have been to the Byron Bay lighthouse you will know that there is very limited parking here so we had to hike up a fairly big hill to get to the lighthouse. When we got there the SES were there rescuing someone who had gone over the rail to retrieve his hat and had fallen half way down the cliff face.  Thankfully he was ok but it was a major operation to rescue him!

 As you can see, not a good place to fall!

  Byron Bay Lighthouse

Lighthouses are always a good tourist drawcard.  They are usually (for obvious reasons) situated on top of a scenic lookout, so they make good photo opportunities.  I took photos of three different lighthouses during our two week holiday.

Fingal Head Lighthouse

Point Cartwright Lighthouse

© Andrea Kruck 2012

Cloud Nine

Blue is my favourite colour.  I love the clouds in these photos they look light and fluffy, how clouds should look. I can imagine what paradise must look like by looking at these. I feel warm just looking at them. Although they are taken on a cool autumn day, it had rained for two days before and for two days after aswell. The photos that I took the day before were bleak and grey but you would never know that by looking at these.

© Andrea Kruck 2012

What love is

What love is?  These are my two girls, love is two sisters sitting on the beach together having fun!



© Andrea Kruck 2012

The Rocks

I spent a lot of time in the holidays at the beach taking photos of rocks and water.  I am working on my long exposure skills at the moment.   I always have a picture in my head of how I want my photos to look but when I am shooting or look at them on camera I often feel disappointed that they aren’t the same as the picture in my head.  Because I shoot in RAW the images always need processing and it is often not until I am processing them that I am happier with them.  I was pretty happy with how these look, still improving but I will get there.  Let me know what you think?

© Andrea Kruck 2012

Beneath the Rays

This photo was taken at Point Cartwright, Mooloolaba Qld. I really wanted to stay longer and play here but the weather was closing in, it was getting dark and a storm was on it’s way. If I had’ve been prepared I probably would’ve had a go at going down on the rocks but my husband was having kittens that I stayed as long as I did anyway.

Happy Monday!

Just keep telling ourselves that, we might believe it!  In our house we call the Monday blues, Monday-itis.  My son Dylan had Monday-itis this morning so I printed out this cute little picture for him to take to school to cheer him up.  I don’t know if it is really cool for a 9 year old to have a cute picture of a bunny in his bag but I hope it works.


For the adults here is a picture that I took on a recent trip to Marcoola on the Sunshine Coast.  My husband and I spent a couple of days up there without the kids, celebrating our wedding anniversary.  It was really just an excuse for me to spend some time on my photography because Anthony spent a lot of time sitting waiting for me.  This photo was taken on the beach at about 9pm, the tide was coming in and it was a beautiful warm night.  I spent a lot of time in the holidays working on my long exposure photography.  I really love taking long exposures, it gives the water that silky smooth look.

I’d like to hear peoples opinions on my photos, I suffer from a common artists ailment called lack of confidence.  What do you think? Like or not?

© Andrea Kruck 2012

Happy Anniversary!

Today is Anthony and my 11th wedding anniversary, this time 11 years ago I was getting all frocked up to go and get married to my best friend.  Our wedding day was a beautiful day that we had planned meticulously.  It really was perfect and everything that we wished for.

Eleven years and four children later we have had our ups and downs but we are definitely still very happy and still best friends.  When Anthony and I were married we were so excited to be getting married, excited about what the future held for us, who knew that future would hold two little boys and two little girls?

I am a big believer in fate, that everything happens for a reason and I believe that I was meant to get on a plane to Christchurch to meet my soulmate.  We were together on tour for 7 days but we knew then that what we had was something special.  Anthony was unlike any boy I’d ever met, he was so nice and such a gentleman, opening doors for me and being so caring.  He even carried a hanky (and still does!) no boy I’d ever known carried a hanky!

We have been through a lot in our 11 years as husband and wife, the birth of our children and raising them is something that we do completely together as a team.  Anthony has always been my rock, being by my side through thick and thin.  Supporting me in any venture that I undertake, although I haven’t always been easy to live with he has never given up on us.  I am grateful to him for all his love.

Happy Anniversay honey :)

I Lub You!

I am constantly kept entertained by my almost three year old, Sienna.  She has a great command of English and is very easy to understand.  The youngest of four, she has grown up very quickly with the older three to learn from.  Being the youngest has been good and bad, she is an extremely independent child, “I DO” is something that I am told constantly.  She will very rarely accept help from me to do anything which can be very frustrating for me, especially with things that she really can’t do.  She is so stubborn and it is often easier to let her try and wait for her to ask for help rather than try to fight her over it.

As the youngest, of course she has perhaps gotten away with a lot more things that her older siblings never would have, that is partly our fault for being slightly more relaxed with the fourth child and partly the other kids, they tend to give her what she wants to shut her up!   There is a fairly large gap between her and the others, five and a half years between her and the twins.  It took us that long to get over having them before we’d consider anymore!  Being as stubborn as she is there is nothing that Sienna thinks she can’t do, so if she sees the other kids climbing ladders, riding flying foxes, playing footy, then so can she!

The relationship that Sienna has with her older siblings is a beautiful one, they love their baby sister and boy does she love them!  Lately she has been telling everyone “I Lub You” in her little girl voice, it is beautiful.  She goes through each member of the family and tells them she loves them, she also asks do we lub her too?  Sienna has a special relationship with all of the kids, she is close to each of them in different ways, they dote on her and even though at times she can get a bit nasty with them, they never hold it against her.

The boys are particularly protective of her and look out for her wherever we go, Dylan can often be found pushing her on the swings at the park and making sure that she is safe.  If Sienna ever wants anything she always goes straight to Aidan, she knows he will get it for her and she and Savarnah love to sing and dance together.  She sure has cemented a place in all of our hearts but I am particularly touched by the special realationship that she has with her older brothers and sister.  I hope that it continues through the years as they all get older.


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